So you want to start a business, a brand, a retail store? Or maybe you’re struggling to keep your head above water in the current business climate; a “thy end is near” scenario is on the cards for your brand because you owe too much money, you’re owed too much money, the online giants such as Amazon are hurting your business……. yep, it never ends. And well, the truth is, business is not easy! It takes hard work and dedication, a bit of luck and a certain amount of tenacity to never give up. On the other side, starting and running a business is exciting! It’s difficult yes, but get it right and the rewards and successes are there for the taking.

Perhaps surprisingly, there has never been a better time to start your own business. With the tools we have available – the internet, the various outsourcing opportunities making it cheaper to hire staff, free courses and all the available knowledge at our fingertips, there is so much more that can be accomplished today than ever before. If you know what to do, business goals can be achieved without huge investments. With a strong will, you will get to that point that sees you excited to be working for your own company. Luck generally comes to those who keep trying so not giving up is one of the keys to success.

But of course, there is no secret recipe for creating a successful business. However, there are steps to be taken to help you succeed. It’s just that you may need some help on your journey, so stay with us as we build a network to filter through some of the confusion for you.

We’ve all used the web to look for information, trying to access articles that point you in the right direction. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting. How many times have you put a search into Google looking for ways to make money, improve your knowledge or skills, help your business and solve problems you have? No doubt this is a constant practice.

One of the biggest problems with all the available information online is there is simply too much information. Knowing what will work for your business is difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Scouring various online resources for insight can be a time consuming process, especially when you don’t have experience in the particular field you are looking at, and even if you do there are so many articles to choose from. You also can’t be sure if the information you are reading is written by an expert on the subject. It may well be someone who just wrote the post to get their word count up, so Google’s algorithm would rank them higher, or so they could sell more of their products or get clicks on their affiliate links etc, etc…….. So what do you do to get the best results for promoting your business and driving people to your website or retail store? Well, the best advice we can give you is spend the money to get a professional to do it for you (no, really). Though of course this isn’t an option for all entrepreneurs. If you’re in this boat, we will do our best to point you in the right direction and also help you in finding the right professional to help fit your budget (if you have one).

Helping businesses

We don’t have all the answers but we are working to build a community to help you get to where you want to be in your business. We are currently in the process of building an online business network to assist you in the growth of your business. Our goal is to get you access to expert advice, assist you in getting in touch with mentors and offer some tried and tested courses that will help in pointing you in the right direction. We want to help and we know there are many others that do too. So get involved, join our business advice network and join in the discussions.


The Vertical Sales Group platform is designed not only to offer you the highest quality, factory direct products in small quantities. We are building a business community to assist in all aspects of business operations. Our community will provide you with a platform to help build or grow your business.

We would like to get people together, online and meet ups in your local area. We plan on organizing meetings in the near future and will keep you informed. Please subscribe to receive our news letters. Remember this is a free service so we are looking for other business professionals that would like to contribute to helping others succeed.

What our Business network is looking for

– Advice from experienced business people.

– Recommendations for online business courses.

– Discussions on various business environments – Please feel free to bring up any type of business discussion, as this is an open, free to use network. We want to provide a platform for communication and learning.

– Organizations looking to host business meetings.

If you feel you can contribute to any articles or requests on our business assistance network, please let us know and we hope to help many entrepreneurs become successful in the future.


We provide a platform that connects you directly to manufacturers. Our company works as a filter that finds and audits factories to make sure you get the right products, also offering small quantity orders. There are many issues when it comes to buying products from other countries, so using our experience dealing with manufacturers and the importing of products, we take away this risk for you. We make sure you end up with the goods you ordered, high quality and backed by a manufacturer guaranteed.